LATEST UPDATE - Due to an overwhelming response all places to the TGB plan have now been filled.

However, we will be opening up new places soon, so if you are interested in the TGB offer, you can join the waiting list by emailing


You are one step closer to getting the best deal in the 15-year history of our company!

Time to Give Back (TGB) Offer

Here's a glimpse of what you'll be getting...

👉 Full portfolio management service

👉 Free research and advice

👉 Free investment strategy and planning

👉 No lock-in periods

👉 No hidden fees or charges

👉 No inactivity Fees

👉 NO Transactional Fee - huge 80% saving!

👉 100% Commission FREE Trading

👉 Life Changing Extras (LCE) worth £20k/annum including

✅ Free IHT Planning

✅ Free financial planning

✅ Free Tax advice

✅ Free help with Scams

✅ Free help with HMRC

✅ Free help with your IT and software

✅ Free share certificate dematerialisation

✅ Free Trusts and Wills advice

✅ Free Accountancy

✅ Free help with savings and deposits

✅ Free property advice and mortgages

✅ 1% Probate Fee reduction on £1m+ Estates

And much, much more...

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All of this for just a 1% annual management charge

Compare that to what our other clients are paying, which is 5% for 3 Years! - That's an 80% discount!

Specialised Team of Experts

For the first time ever, we are opening up our extensive network of contacts that we've built over the past 25+ years. 

These are highly qualified, and in many cases, FCA regulated, teams of specialists in each of the areas that matter most to you - tax, IHT planning, financial advice, accountancy, mortgage advisors, wills and trusts, solicitors, probates and much more.

You'll get completely free advice for the first hour from each of these experts, worth £200 each.

That should be enough for most queries including setting up wills, basic trusts, IHT planning etc.

However, if you have more complex affairs such as offshore accounts, overseas domiciled status etc, then after the first free hour, you'll get unlimited access to some of the best advice in the country, at a vastly discounted rate - this advice is not available to you directly.

NOTE - we do not receive a single penny as a referral fee. In fact we are doing the opposite. We have worked hard to get THE PRICES DOWN for you!

We have pulled in massive favours from fellow professionals who we've worked with for over two decades. That means you don't need to spend days or weeks online wondering which firm to use before being duped into paying thousands of pounds for shoddy advice.

All the heavy lifting has been done for you. We've done the due diligence so you don't have to.

Remember, that we have relationships with some of the best accountants, tax advisors, lawyers, probate solicitors, wills and trusts experts in the country.

These are inaccessible to most private investors and now they're at your disposable at huge discounted prices.

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5 Years

You get this deal not just for 6 months, 12 months or 18 months....this offer is for an incredible 5 YEARS!

If you're over 80, quite frankly, it means that you probably don't need to worry about finding another advisor ever again.

London Stone will be your last (and hopefully best) advisor that you ever worked with.

You don't need to worry about scrambling for help and advice again.

We will take care of everything for you, and we'll leverage our complete network to help you.

OVER 75s

If you are over 75 but under 80 - you can still benefit from the TGB plan BEFORE you turn 80.

Just sign up now to the standard 3 year (5%) Investment Management Plan (IMP) and in 3 years time (or when you turn 80, whichever comes first), you will automatically qualify for the TGB deal.

✅ Full and Immediate Access to all 34 LCEs

✅ Guaranteed Upgrade to TGB Plan in 3 Years

✅ 8 Years of Discounted Prices

✅ No fixed periods or tie-ins for you

✅ 5 Years of 100% Commission Free Dealing

✅ Thousands of Pounds Saving

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If you are registered disabled, and regardless of your age or type of disability, you automatically qualify for the TGB plan.

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The current minimum account size to join London Stone is £200k, but we want the TGB plan to help EVERYBODY over the age of 80. So there is no account size threshold. Your account can be £10,000 or £10million. We're going to help you just the same.

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There is no deadline but this offer will end at some point.

If you are reading this and the video is still live, this does not mean that the offer is still live.

If you want to join the TGB plan email

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We're doing this as a way to give back, but that doesn't mean we want people to take advantage of us, so there is one simple request - please don't abuse the system.

We are not here to do your administration, sort out your tax affairs, build inheritance-tax proof portfolios and sort out everything for you because you couldn't be bothered to do it yourself. We're here to help people who are struggling and are lost.

Yes, we are planning to provide almost unlimited, free advice but it has to be 'within reason'.

Also the advice and help that we offer is for YOU and YOU ONLY.

Please don't use this exclusive offer to try and acquire free information for other family members or friends.

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