Share Certificates

Although the world of technology is completely unimaginable today, even from a decade ago there are still some investors who prefer the old fashioned method of holding paper share certificates. If that’s you, then there’s no need to worry. At London Stone Securities, if you want to hold your shares in paper format that’s absolutely fine.

At the time of your purchase, you just have to mention to your broker that you want to receive the share certificate. Even if you buy a share that is on your nominee account but later change your mind, that’s fine too and we will send you a certificate direct to your home.

Dematerialisation of Share Certificates

If on the other hand you have share certificates at home which you wish to transfer to a share dealing (nominee) account, then that’s very straight forward too. This is known as ‘dematerialisation’ and the steps are as follows:

You simply have to:

1. Make a list (or take photocopies) of your certificates
2. Sign one CREST transfer form (which we will send you) for each company that you hold
3. Post your share certificates and CREST forms to our registered offices.

The share certificates will appear on your share dealing account usually within 10-14 days and from there you can then view them all online (and of course trade if you wish).

Old and Invalid Share Certificates

Any shares that you hold will be recorded at the Share Registrar and so it’s relatively easy for one of our team to cross-reference the share certificates that you do hold with your actual holding. If there are any certificates missing, or if there are any invalid certificates (e.g. due to a takeover, share consolidation etc.), then new certificates can be attained through the Registrar.

This is something that we would do on your behalf at no cost.

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