Over recent years there has been a renewed level of interest in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). In part this is because history has shown that IPOs can give investors a real opportunity to buy into good, solid companies whilst at the same time making a handsome return.

It all of course depends on the flotation price which is why at London Stone not only will we give you access to the latest IPOs being released within the UK and abroad, but more importantly our dedicated trade and research team will identify those IPOs which it believes are undervalued to the true market price.

In other words, understanding the relative value of an IPO against its flotation price is the difference between making a potential profit against a loss.

And of course, as always, you don’t need to take our advice. You can choose to conduct your own analysis or stake your allocation claim into an IPO irrespective of our assessment of its flotation price.

Through the grey market we can even offer investors the opportunity to trade in an IPO through a CFD before it comes to market.

To register for free and hear about the next IPO to come to market email us now at: info@londonstonesecurities.co.uk