As a firm we cater for all types of clients, but many of our clients tend to either be retired or approaching retirement age. What this means is that their investment objectives will usually tend to be more orientated towards lower risk investments.

In some cases clients do not like to buy shares at all, but instead prefer fixed income products such as bonds.

Bonds are lower risk investments than equities, as they generally provide a fixed and regular income (known as a coupon) to the investor. Therefore investors can be sure of the revenue stream that they will be receiving and when throughout the term of the bond.

The other advantage is that bonds will always typically redeem at par value. In other words at the end of the term of the bond (say 5 or 10 years), the investor knows that they will receive their initial investment. This security and peace of mind is what makes bonds so attractive.

Of course, different government and corporate bonds do vary in risk depending on who issues it and this risk will be reflected in a combination of the bond price and its coupon rate.



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