One of London Stone’s biggest strengths is that we offer our clients everything that they need and want all from under one roof.

This means that rather than using one firm for buying equities, another for your fixed income requirements and yet another again for your IPOs, you can do now everything through a single entity and when that entity is a firm that is recognised for its commitment to excellent customer service, there really is no need to look elsewhere.

This not only simplifies things for you as the end user but also makes it quicker, less administration and ultimately more cost-effective.

Network of Contacts

London Stone also has a network of professional contacts that can assist you in your financial affairs. Whether you need expert tax advice on mitigating inheritance tax advice or you need help to set up a trust for your grandchildren, come and talk to us.

We also have reputable firms that we have long standing relationships with that can help you with probates and wills.

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Risk Warning - All investments carry risk and prices may change quickly. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up. Past performance will not necessarily be repeated and is no guarantee of future success. You should carefully consider in light of your financial resources whether investing in stocks and shares is suitable for you. This notice cannot disclose all of the risks and other significant aspects of investing in equities, derivatives, bonds or any other investment product. A full list of risks will be provided for the products which you are interested in. For more information please contact one of our team.