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Investment Objectives

Current Strategy

If you do not have a recent valuation you should call your current broker(s) and request one. They have a legal responsibility to you to provide regular updates on how your investments are performing.

Alternatively, you can log into your account and copy and paste your holdings from there.

Once received, we will assess your portfolio across a number of key variables including:

a. The risk of your portfolio (measured by beta and AWB)
b. The Average Dividend Yield (ADY) of your investments
c. How well your portfolio is protected from a market fall
d. How well your portfolio will do if the market rises
e. The performance of your portfolio against the market index
f. The competitiveness of your existing fee structure
g. The balance and composition of your portfolio
h. Sector coverage
i. Deal size and how skewed your holdings are
j. Return to risk management strategy
k. Your tax efficiency and suitability of investment vehicles
l. Assessment of how aligned your portfolio is to your objectives

This may all sound very daunting but it’s actually more straight forward than you might think. Most importantly the information will be given to you in an easy to follow format so don’t worry.

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