10 Ways to make your share portfolio grow faster

Over the years our team of FCA qualified investment managers have reviewed thousands of share portfolios and so we have seen it all. Some portfolios are already very well managed, and there is little that we can offer to help them. But that's usually only for a very small minority.

In the vast majority of cases, share portfolios are managed poorly either by the investor or by their advisor. 

Every poorly managed portfolio that we have reviewed has scored badly on at least one of the key 10 portfolio metrics that we measure. However most portfolios score badly on several metrics. The good news is that the worst portfolios also show the biggest transformations in growth and risk reduction after the change are made.

Here are 10 ways for you to see how well your portfolio might be performing. 

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Are you paying too much?

Bad Eggs
Which shares are dragging down your performance?

Are you optimally diversified?

Tax Smart
Are you using the right tax shelters for your investments?

Are you maximising the income from your shares?


How protected is your portfolio from the next crash?

Portfolio Composition
How balanced is your portfolio really?

Cash to Equity Ratio
Are you holding the right amount of cash relative to shares?

Return to Risk Ratio
Are you being sufficiently compensated for the risk you're taking?

Sector Switching
Are you overweight and underweight in the right sectors?

The most profitable share portfolios always score highly in several key metrics. So if you want your investments to grow faster without increasing risk, the first thing you must do is to measure those metrics against your own ISA or SIPP.

You can then see where your portfolio can be improved most quickly with the least amount of work. The good news is that for the wort performing metrics, there are disproportionately large gains to be made from just a few minor tweaks.

Everybody knows where they want to go but very few people know how to get there. Before you set foot on reaching your financial goals you need to consider where you are today and most importantly how your investments are being managed. 

That's why we offer a free, independent & completely objective analysis of your investments. We identity the good, the bad & the ugly so you can consider your next steps. 

We measure 10 key metrics which we will give you in a simple, one page report or alternatively we can discuss our findings over the phone in a free 15 minute consultation with one of our advisors. 

It's time to focus on what can be done to reach your financial goals.

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