How to make 5% TAX-FREE with ZERO Risk

If you have a stock ISA or SIPP, or a normal share dealing account. In fact, if you have any sort of investment at all, whether that’s in property, gold or anything else there’s a good chance that you haven’t made more than 5% profit this year.

Some people have made a lot less, some have made absolutely nothing, and there are many investors who have lost money in 2023. 

You might be one of them.

With falling share prices, stock market uncertainty and rising broker fees and charges, it’s no wonder that investors are struggling.

As inflation remains stubbornly high at 10%, and the cost of living crisis worsens, in real terms UK investors are losing as much as 10-15% of their wealth each year.

In 3 years, some people will lose HALF of their net wealth.

Imagine working for 40 years to build up a pension pot only to lose half of it in 3 years.

It’s just a matter of time and once you hit that mark, you can’t make it back.

If you lose 50% it means that you have to make 100% profit to recover your loss. That can take decades assuming that you are still working.

And if you’re retired, then it’s almost impossible.

We’re seeing record high mortgage rates, repossessions increasing, and house prices falling faster now than since the 2007 Global Financial Crash (GFC).

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Most analysts predict a property and stock market crash and a full-blown economic recession in the next 12 months.

The problem is that with double-digit inflation, the Central Banks, including the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve, are powerless to cut interest rates.

And putting your money in the bank definitely isn’t the solution either.

95% of banks are technically insolvent.

As the market falls, and depositors panic, the risk of a ‘RUN ON THE BANKS’ is higher now than since 2007. And it’s increasing every month.

This year we have already seen several high-profile banks in the US go bust and the same could easily happen here in the UK. Several banks have already had bailouts which have not been reported in mainstream media.

That’s because the Government doesn’t want you to panic.

But you need to know. Because it could literally wipe out your entire life savings as one or two banks disappear under the financial pressure.

In the UK if you have more than £85,000 in a single bank, you are at RISK.

Even if you have LESS than £85,000, you might still be at risk.

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So, let’s recap where you are right now.

1 Your stock ISA and SIPP is losing money in 2023 or making a pitiful 5% for a SIGNIFICANT amount of risk. It’s a terrible strategy – you’re making next to nothing but taking all of the risk.

Eventually that strategy will turn against you – it’s just a matter of time. Just wait and see.

2 The risk in the stock market has been steadily increasing since 2021 and the market conditions are now WORSE than pre-pandemic. So, you are getting LOWER and LOWER returns for HIGHER and HIGHER RISK.

3 You still have to pay your broker and platform fees, and whatever you make, (if it’s outside of an ISA or SIPP) you’re going to get clobbered with tax. After charges and taxes, you might be left with just 1-2% for MASSIVE risk.

 Inflation is 10% (and probably much higher as official numbers downplay the true cost of living). That means you are losing money every single day. You’re becoming poorer in real terms.

5 Your money in the bank is at HUGE risk. If you tie up your money in a ‘high-savings’ deposit account to earn say 5 or 6% you still have to pay tax on the interest so you might end up with just 3 or 4% if you’re lucky. 

6 High deposit rates usually mean fixed 1 or 2-year periods. This means that your money is at even greater risk. When the market crashes you will have even more difficultly accessing your cash because it’s locked away.

As other depositors scramble and queue outside their banks (like they did with Northern Rock), you will be at the back of that queue because your funds are LEAST accessible. You have the LOWEST chance of getting your money back.

7 Property prices are falling faster now than for the past 15 years and mortgage rates are astronomical, so we are almost certainly headed for a full-on property crash.

8 For the past 30 years, interest Rates have been the main tool used by Governments and Central Banks to control the economy. But now they have NO control because interest rates MUST STAY HIGH to curb inflation.

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So, the Government can’t help you out on this one. And it can’t even print any more money because that is what caused inflation in the first place!

Put it all together, and you are becoming poorer every day.

And the risk you are taking on is increasing every day.

Some people will get completely wiped out, and those that don’t will still lose tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Then they’ll look back and think that they were powerless to do anything. They will blame the market (again).

It doesn’t matter who or what you blame. You and your family end up paying the price if you don’t take action.

And if either the stock market or property market crashes in 2024 you could even wipe out as much as 20-25% of your wealth in a single year.

That means half of your wealth gone in 2 years!

It’s truly frightening.

Don’t take our word for it. Just look at your investments today and see how much your share portfolio has made since the start of this year, or even last year, or even since 2020.

Really. Be honest. Don’t make any excuses, don’t hide behind the market, or poor conditions, or any of the bull*hit your advisor is telling you. 

Just look at the facts.

If you made just 10% in the past 3 years, and inflation cost you 35% (10% per annum compounded) you have lost about 25% of your net wealth in that time.

A lot of people (particularly investment managers) blamed Covid, and you, the client, unfortunately bought their tale.

But Covid was just an excuse.

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The truth is that your investment manager failed to navigate your portfolio properly because if he had, you would have become very rich.

More people became millionaires in 2020 as the tech boom happened than at any point in the last 10 years.

And more billionaires during that time became deca-billionaires.

So, it’s just not true that everybody lost money because of Covid.

YOU might have lost money but only because you followed the herd, you followed the wrong investment strategy. 

And either you or your advisor took the wrong path.

But now you have a chance to learn and not make the same mistake again.

YOU might have lost money but only because you followed the herd, you followed the wrong investment strategy. 

And either you or your advisor took the wrong path.

But now you have a chance to learn and not make the same mistake again.

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Because now there is a new time and a new opportunity.

And you have a chance not only to recover your losses, but to make significant wealth, whilst at the same time REDUCING the risk of your net worth falling.

And we’re going to tell you what it is. And exactly how to do it.

But if you don’t learn quickly, and you don’t react quickly, you will miss this opportunity too. Because this opportunity is only right now, and maybe for a few more months if we’re lucky.

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You have to take action as soon as you can.

You have to pivot and make changes NOW to your investment strategy, to your share portfolio.

You have to take cash out of the bank before other depositors panic and beat you to it.

And if you don’t take action, then you almost certainly will lose again in 2024 but this time much more than in 2023.

A small group of people will make a great deal of money and the majority will keep making the same mistakes. That’s what happens with money, education and people who refuse to listen or take action.

Aren’t you fed up yet of always being in the wrong camp?

The important thing is to know WHERE to invest NOW.

You can’t turn the clock back, but you can learn from your mistakes.

But first you have to ACCEPT them.

Hold those mistakes, look at them, own them, and learn from them.

You have to accept that making 5% or less in 2023 in the stock market, where the risks are much higher than in recent years, is NOT a good strategy.

Accept that if you have a stock ISA or SIPP, that you need to make at least 10% for it to make sense. Otherwise it’s just not worth taking that risk.

There are stock market investors who did make 10%, 15% and even 20% in 2023 but you’re still reading this which means that you weren’t one of them.

So, now that we have your attention, we’re going to show you a different way.

It involves no work on your part.

You just have to watch, take some notes, learn and then implement the step by step process we will lay out for you. This is the exact blueprint that we have created for our clients to use.

We’ve done the heavy lifting, the research, the hard work, the due diligence.

We have looked at hundreds of different products and strategies and they all involve risk.

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Except this one.

It’s just a single, simple product that will give you 5% return with no risk, no work, no tax, and no problems.

We’re going to show you what is arguably the BEST investment you can get right now anywhere in the world with ZERO Risk.

Yes, that’s correct. Let’s say that again - ZERO Risk and a great return.

Making 5%, 10% or 15% is all relative. 

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How much risk are you taking when you get 5% with your bank?

It may seem safe now, but your bank can disappear tomorrow. So, you’re potentially risking 100% to make 5%.

That’s a terrible trade.

This investment has no default risk.

It’s also completely accessible at any time.

And, if you’re worried at any point, you can just cash in the product and literally take your money and put it under your mattress. That’s how accessible it is.

There are no lock-in periods or fixed penalties if you withdraw early.

And the money is not with a bank or building society and so there’s no credit risk. No risk of default or bankruptcy. No long queues of angry pensioners.

But there’s more….

Unbelievably it’s even 100% completely capital gains tax free. Imagine that – there is no tax on profit to be paid!

And you can even put it into a stock ISA or SIPP or a limited company and get all of the income and capital gains for free.

And there are no expensive broker fees or platform charges.

And there is no leverage or margin.

And it’s not affected by the stock market or property prices.

And you don’t need to physically store it like gold.

And you don’t need to digitally store it in a ledger like Bitcoin.

And it’s not unregulated which means that you get full FCA regulatory protection.

And there are no middle-men, financial advisors or brokers to pay to give you access.

And yes, it will give you 5%.

It’s less than inflation but right now, but it’s the best place for investors right now.

With the market ready to implode in the next 12 months, and assuming that you don’t know how to invest in the stock market and make money in a falling market, then you need to get out quickly.

This vehicle allows you to exit the market, and to park your money temporarily for a great return with zero risk.

And then you just have to wait.

Because in 6 or 12-months’ time, AFTER the market crashes, and everybody else has lost 30% of their wealth, then will come step 2.

That’s when you take your money out of this product and buy shares or properties at rock bottom prices. That’s when you invest.

And that’s how you will get rich, very quickly.

That’s how millionaires became millionaires.

And it doesn’t matter where you are on your investment journey.

You could have £10,000 or £10m.

This product is open to everybody.

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So, what is this amazing product?

Where can you buy it and how do you buy it?

Want to know more?

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