Challenges for Global Oil Stocks

The slump in Brent crude prices to 13-month lows has taken many investors by surprise. The price collapse has had a significant impact on the performance of the large energy names. Shares in sector giants BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil, for example, have all fallen to multi-year lows in recent months.So, what’s behind the downturn? Not enough demand  China is the world’s largest importer of oil and acts… Read More

US Markets Remain Resilient…For Now

For US stock market investors, 2020 has started off on a similar footing to how 2019 ended. The US is the best performer of all the major global equity markets. It has continued to attract investor fund flow, thanks to strong momentum, FOMO (“fear of missing out”) behaviour, and a realisation that the US offers secular growth opportunities in a world of negative interest rates. Even the coronavirus outbreak hasn’t… Read More

Making Money in the Green Revolution

Making Money in the Green Revolution In the capitalist world in which we all live, society has become used to the importance of money for our survival. However, despite the obvious benefits that it brings, ‘money’ remains one of those odd instruments which continues to attract more hate than it does love. The mere mention of money is usually met by some people with either embarrassment or in some extreme… Read More

Passive or Active – what’s best?

In today’s article we are going to discuss a topic of investing which seems to still attract a lot of heated attention. The question that remains so fiercely debated within the investment world is of course, is it better to be active or passive? This general debate then leads to the more specific question of whether investors should favour tracker funds over individual equities. Well, clearly there are two arguments… Read More


The Biggest Risk to your Dividends   Following last week’s thumping general election victory that the Conservative party enjoyed, it was little surprise that the stock market liked the news. In fact, the FTSE100 market rallied well over 100 points fuelled by double-digit growth from several blue-chip companies with particularly strong performances from some of the housebuilders including Persimmon which rallied by a staggering 15% on the open and closed… Read More


Overview: ITV plc is a British media company based in London, England. It holds 13 of the 15 regional television licenses that make up the ITV network, the oldest and largest commercial terrestrial television network in the United Kingdom.  Prev. Close: 143.3  Day’s Range: 143 – 144.1  Revenue: 3.09B  Open: 144  52 wk Range: 102.65 – 147.6… Read More

Melrose Industries: Company and Shares Report

Melrose Industries buys good manufacturing businesses with strong fundamentals whose performance can be improved. Melrose finances its acquisitions using a low level of leverage, improves the businesses by a mixture of investment and changed management focus, sells them and returns the proceeds to shareholders. (Source: The Company’s businesses include Nortek and Brush Turbo generators. It operates through four seg-ments: Energy, which includes the Brush business that is engaged… Read More

JD Sports: Company and Shares Report

It’s understandable why many investors would want to wait and see what the outcome will be of the general election on 12th December and Brexit before making any significant investing decisions, not to mention the ongoing trade wars between the US and China. And while doing nothing and staying in cash for the time being is an option, if planning on investing in certain sectors which may be heavily influenced… Read More

Unilever: shares and company report

Under the current economic climate where we have trade tensions and uncertainties, you will be forgiven for wanting to sit on your hands and see how things play out before making any new investing decisions. While that is an option, the volatility has created lucrative opportunities to buy solid companied at an attractive price, and if we were to focus on companies which have strong balance sheets, the ability to… Read More

Webis: Company and Shares Report

As many may know, the AIM market has seen a number of great opportunities over the years, but also its fair share of disasters. We take a look at an interesting company which fits a high-risk, high- reward investor profile: Webis Plc. To understand what Webis is, investors need to understand the fairly complex corporate changes to the US gambling industrythat have been ongoing for a number of months… Read More

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