Good Defensive Stock v2 – Marston’s Plc

The market has been fairly volatile, dropping 1.9% from last week`s all-time high to 7,400 level due to political uncertainties emerged during and after the election. Investors affected by this downturn think of going into more defensive income yielding shares (defensive stock), which essentially could protect their capital from a further fall in the market. With the after-election effects on the market, uncertainty maintains. Bank of England`s decision to keep the rates on hold at 0.25% while inflation is at near four-year high (2.9%) will potentially affect the market, thus by dragging it further down or preventing it from reaching its full potential. Therefore, it is important to look towards good defensive stocks and use them to build a protective wall around your investments. One good company is Marston`s PLC which has a great potential for capital growth and also an attractive 5.7% dividend yield. More than that, by acquiring a minimum number of shares in the stock, you are entitled to “The Marston`s Privilege Card”. This gives the holders – as well as friend and family members – 20% off food, accommodation and products at participating pubs, lodges and brewery shops… Read More

Good defensive stock – PayPoint Plc

The market has reached all-time highs, which leads some investors to believe that there is little or no capital growth available. Investors are also painfully aware that there is basically no return on cash. With uncertainty regarding the upcoming general election and the future of the UK relationship with the EU, now may be a good time to move into defensive income yielding shares, also know as defensive stock. It’s not just utilities that make good defensive stocks. If you feel your portfolio needs some protection against a volatile stock market, you may want to switch some of your grow stock and play defence. Defensive companies are those providing goods or services whose demand is not highly correlated with the larger economic cycle, and they provide a dividend . And one company which seems to fit that description well is PayPoint Plc. PayPoint is UK`s leading payment collection network used mostly for cash payment of bills and services. The company uses a MultiPay systems which gives the flexibility in choosing the right payment channel for the user and it is operating on PayPoint One, a platform which combines PayPoint services in one device (i.e. card payments and electronic point of sale). Firms using PayPoint`s services include British Gas, BBC (TV License), The Health Lottery, Three UK, EE, T-Mobile, Sainsbury`s and many more. Also, the company launched a joint venture project in 2011 called Collect+ in partnership with Yodel (parcel delivery service company). Since then the parcel collection point Collect+ has outperformed expectations in a sparsely populated sector. The UK network contains more branches than all banks, supermarkets and Post Offices put together. KEY FACTS 818 million transactions annually 20 million parcels handled in store each year ...... Read More

High dividend yield with Epwin Group Plc

With inflation set to rise above 3%, obtaining a high dividend yield could become a necessity for many investors. While the FTSE 100 yields around 3.7%, its real-terms return is coming under pressure. Therefore, investors may need to consider higher-yielding shares in order to generate a sufficiently high return, specially if they require a minimum stream of cash flow from their portfolio. Most investors will take a cautious stance and avoid AIM listed companies. However, not all AIM stocks are bad. Some companies have achieved highly impressive returns for investors. Epwin Group is one of those companies. Epwin Group is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of PVC windows, doors and fascia systems with some of the best-known manufacturing and service names in the sector. Group businesses also produce high quality cladding, guttering, decking and prefabricated GRP building components. For the morally inclined Investor, Epwin also takes a strong ethical stance in its manufacturing and distribution which is evidenced by group wide investment in Quality, Environmental and Safety Certifications. Founded in 1976, the Group has grown both organically and by acquisition to become a market leader in the low maintenance building products industry. Read More

April 2017 Top Stock Picks for Income and Growth

TOP STOCK PICKS FOR BOTH INCOME AND GROWTH POTENTIAL Back in Fashion for the New Tax Year In this new issue of our InFocus Newsletter series we will be sharing with you some of the top stock picks our stock brokers are looking at for their clients for the month of April 2017. As with every portfolio investment strategy, these picks may or may not be the most appropriate for your goals, but are definitely worth a look. This month we are looking at the following stock and shares, including a short excerpt from the full article: Scottish Southern Energy SSE.L - SSE is a defensive stock – a good acquisition when there is a cautious tone in the market. A target price of ... Centrica CNA.L - Centrica is also a defensive stock, albeit with a higher risk profile. Shares are going ex-dividend on 11th May. Dividend yield in May is 3.92%, or 8.4p p/s ... Esure Group ESUR.L - Motor and home insurer Esure Group said it was now in "full growth mode" as underlying profit surged 20% in 2016, with premiums ahead of expectations and barely any effect from the changes to the 'Ogden' rate ... RPC Group RPC.L - Plastics company RPC Group anticipates that full year revenue will be "significantly ahead" of last year, due to ... As always, the process of choosing stocks and shares involves a fair deal of analysis from the vast array of stocks and shares trading in the markets, as well as all other investment instruments. We hope you find this report useful. For more information about the choices analysed here, or for any other type of information related to your investment option, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced stock brokers are always at hand to help and assist you. Read More

Santa Claus Rally Retrospective

Just how well did our picks last December fare? As you might know, if you follow our blog and posts, back in early December we released our newsletter on our take on the Santa Claus Rally. It is usually a good exercise, even if out of curiosity, to go an check on how things went on what you thought was a good choice at the time. In our case, it turns out,… Read More

Dispelling the myths behind CFDs

To begin talking about CFDs, let me start by saying that as somebody who has been trading in the stock market for more than 20 years, I have seen quite a few changes in my time, some good and some bad. However, the problem is that more often than not, and certainly as a private investor, it’s sometimes difficult to decipher those changes which are largely positive and those which… Read More

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