Weekly Report: Under-Valued Insurers

In this week’s report we will look at two FTSE 100 blue chip insurers – Prudential and Legal & General. On the one hand, they operate in a sector which is relatively immune to the economic cycle (people don’t typically cancel their life insurance just because there’s a recession). On the other hand, and despite their blue-chip credentials, Prudential cut its dividend following the bear market of 2003 and Legal… Read More

Weekly Report: Vodafone CFD

Today we look at a potential short-term trade on Vodafone. The defensive telecom play is normally found in most retail portfolios, being attractive to investors who look for income, as it has been a reliable source of dividends for many years. The company has recently fallen significantly over 30% in the last few months. Shareholder Elliott Advisors have reportedly built a stake in Vodafone since this decline. We now take… Read More

Weekly Report: The London Stock Exchange

In this report we are looking at the best performing FTSE 100 share since 2008, the London Stock Exchange Group, which has returned a phenomenal 545%. We believe, that despite this astronomical rise, there is still reason for investment. Download The Report… Read More

Weekly Report: Directa Plus

Directa plus is one of the largest producers and suppliers of graphene-based products in the world. The graphene-based products are natural, chemical-free and sustainably produced. They are found in commercial applications such as smart textiles, tyres, composite materials and environmental solutions, and they’re suitable for many other uses as well. Established in 2005, the company has a unique and patented technology process and a scalable and… Read More

Weekly Report: Frontier Developments Plc

Frontier Developments is engaged in developing non-game applications and video games for the entertainment sector. The Company’s segments include self-published and external publishers. The self-published segment is engaged in sales of the game and digital in-game. The Company has completed work for external publishers, including Screamride and Tales from Deep Space. Its games are developed using its COBRA cross-platform technology, allowing code and resources developed on… Read More

Weekly Report: China’s Belt and Road Initiative

China is strategically important in the world at present and with global economies slowly stalling, everyone is looking at China to maintain their position as the engine driver of global growth. Chinese President Xi Jinping is undertaking a massive infrastructure plan which was announced in 2013. The plan consists of the redeployment of Chinese funds into investments across the globe. The total investment nears to $1trillion dollars, with the… Read More

Weekly Report: Intermediate Capital Group

Intermediate Capital Group at the end of July reported a strong first quarter, with success driven by increases in the firm’s assets under management (AUM) and four prospective new deals. The company increased its AUM to €32.9bn over the quarter ended 30 June, up 15% on 31 March, and reported that deployment remains strong across strategies. Download The Report… Read More

Weekly Report: Brexit – An Alternative View

Brexit will be a subject talked about for years, whether we as a nation rightly or wrongly moving away from the EU is a matter of debate, the purpose of this report is to summarize the effects and to present an alternative view on the purpose of Brexit. The EU is currently Britain’s biggest trading partner, this is soon to change if we see a Brexit situation materialise. Brexit is… Read More

Weekly Report: Aviva and Legal and General

Today we look at two interesting companies,  Aviva and Legal and General.  Aviva provides customers with long-term insurance and savings, general and health insurance, and fund management products and services. Its segments include United Kingdom & Ireland; France; Poland; Italy and Other; Canada; Asia; Aviva Investors, and Other Group activities. Legal and General transacts life assurance… Read More

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