Stock Market Continues to Rally, But Buyer Beware

With the coronavirus continuing to impact, UK investors may need to get used to the concept of: “It’s different this time.” Time will tell as to whether the effect of the pandemic is more than just transitory. The concern is that the investing environment has changed structurally and personal finances will suffer. At the very least, current investor sentiment remains cautious. Recent surveys show that individual and institutional investors are… Read More

Why is the stock market doing so well when we are heading for a recession?

The stock market and the economy continue to go their separate ways. That’s because bad news simply isn’t enough to derail a market that confounds expectations. UK investors and indeed investors around the world need to adapt to this new normal. But as always, it’s the US market that we need to take direction from because that will be the mother of all indicators in terms of where we are… Read More

Is Elon Musk bad news for Tesla?

The electric vehicle maker Tesla sits at the cutting edge of change in the automotive industry. It is the leading light in the sector’s transition away from petrol and diesel usage. And yet, for some time, investors have had a love-hate relationship with the company. Much of that comes down to how they view its maverick Co-Founder and CEO Elon Musk. At the helm since 2004, Musk has had a… Read More

Are we headed for a Double-Dip in the Stock Market?

The US stock market is yet to re-test its late March lows, even though background challenges remain. UK investors should therefore remain vigilant. From an economic perspective, the deterioration continues. More than 26 million Americans filed for unemployment over the five weeks running up to the end of April. The coronavirus spread may be peaking in some parts of the US, but it remains a major impediment to normalisation across… Read More

Volatility is creating huge opportunity, but how long will it last?

Click here to download the full report.   Volatility has become the new normal. This is not easy for many UK investors, but there are some who are taking full advantage of it. The market swings are likely to be unparalleled for those that first got into stock investing during the decade-long bull run. So far this year, the VIX volatility index has seen 19 sessions where… Read More

Gold is back in Vogue

  Click here to download the full report.   2020 has been an encouraging year to be a gold investor. The commodity price has risen dramatically on the back of a negative backdrop of the coronavirus and the collapse in the oil price. In recent weeks gold crossed as high as $1,700 an ounce, hitting its highest level in over seven years. It has since retreated, but… Read More

Coronavirus spreads to market panic

  Click here to download full report.     This has been a quite a time to be an equity investor. The euphoria that opened the year on the back of a stellar 2019 has completely dissipated in recent weeks.  If COVID-19 wasn’t enough, we’ve now got a full-blown oil industry crisis driven by geopolitical tensions between Russia, Saudi Arabia and ultimately the US shale industry. We’ve… Read More

Challenges for Global Oil Stocks

The slump in Brent crude prices to 13-month lows has taken many investors by surprise. The price collapse has had a significant impact on the performance of the large energy names. Shares in sector giants BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil, for example, have all fallen to multi-year lows in recent months.So, what’s behind the downturn? Not enough demand  China is the world’s largest importer of oil and acts… Read More

US Markets Remain Resilient…For Now

For US stock market investors, 2020 has started off on a similar footing to how 2019 ended. The US is the best performer of all the major global equity markets. It has continued to attract investor fund flow, thanks to strong momentum, FOMO (“fear of missing out”) behaviour, and a realisation that the US offers secular growth opportunities in a world of negative interest rates. Even the coronavirus outbreak hasn’t… Read More

Making Money in the Green Revolution

Making Money in the Green Revolution In the capitalist world in which we all live, society has become used to the importance of money for our survival. However, despite the obvious benefits that it brings, ‘money’ remains one of those odd instruments which continues to attract more hate than it does love. The mere mention of money is usually met by some people with either embarrassment or in some extreme… Read More

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