Our Clients Love the DIP

T Ede, Newbury

"It's blown me away. I'm so impressed that I've already recommended a good friend" 

D Fasino, Sutton

"I've built a great relationship with a firm that I can trust. They're honest and straight." 

Mr and Mrs Hunter, Hampton

"We'd love to work with the London Stone team. We wish we'd known this strategy years ago" 

D Lambourne, Leeds

"After reading the book it made me rethink. It's a brilliant strategy and it made a lot of sense to me."

London Trade Show April 2023

HIGHLIGHTS Presentation (3 minutes)

At the 2023 London Trader Show we gave a 30 minute presentation explaining our unique Dividend Income Plus (DIP) strategy to a crowded room of investors, and the feedback was AMAZING.

To download powerpoint presentation slides

For the short version, here it is...

FULL Presentation (30 minutes)

From 2008 to today, we share the story of how London Stone was founded and the integral role that the DIP strategy has played in our success.

The FULL 30 minute presentation is here for you to enjoy.

Great book on dividends!
Brilliant strategy that anybody can use
Happy to meet the team finally after so many years
Fantastic presentation, best one of the day
Will definitely be using the strategy with my portfolio
As a trader I follow my own approach but what a great bunch of people
Highlight of the Trader Show for me
Just gets better and better
Income and Growth - the perfect formula!
Chris and the team were amazing, friendly and warm
Can't wait to put this into practice and see the results
The best way to boost dividends is the DIP
You won't believe until you see it, it's so powerful
Everybody should learn this strategy at school
It's ideal for me because it mixes trading with investing
Easy to follow and makes so much sense

Dividend Income Plus (DIP)

The Dividend Income Plus (DIP) is our most popular investment strategy.

Get Rich with Dividends

60 Minute Master class

It focuses on 5 key areas:

Low to medium risk

UK FTSE 100 & 250 shares

Excellent Dividends

High capital growth

Portfolio Protection

It involves no derivatives, no CFDs, no options and no leverage.


you can implement the strategy within your stock ISA or SIPP which means that all of your profits are tax-free

The DIP was developed by the CEO of London Stone Securities, Ranjeet Singh, between 2008 and 2012 and has been used for more than a decade. It has been applied extensively in the management of hundreds of client accounts and many millions of pounds.

Unlike many wealth managers who offer 'lots of services' we offer just one. The DIP.

While there are no guarantees with any investment strategy the DIP has proven to be successful if you like to invest for high dividends and sensible capital appreciation.

It appeals to our clients because it's simple and easy to understand. In fact anybody can use it.

The strategy is detailed in full in its own book which retails on Amazon for £34.95. However you can get the book for FREE (you just need to cover the P&P of £4.95). (click here to buy it on amazon). 

Also included is the Free audio-book version (sample audio below)

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