Kore Potash: Company & Share Report

In early 2014 London Stone Securities began bringing Sirius Minerals to the attention of investors. The company is a potash miner based on Yorkshire and it has, since then, significantly grown in size and turned into a billion-pound company. There is no doubt that the future of world food needs is going to be impacted by environmental concerns, sustainability and dwindling natural resources. Agricultural markets will need increased fertiliser use… Read More

Agronomics: Company & Share Report

Agronomics, previously Port Erin Biopharma Investments Limited, was founded on the 3rd May 2011. The company’s purpose is to invest into the alternative food sector, specifically in the emerging area of alternative food technology. The Company’s non-executive Director is Jim Mellon, who has had a successful career in the fund management industry. He is expected to participate in a Fundraise to the necessary extent to maintain his existing shareholding in… Read More

Is Countrywide worth buying for your portfolio?

Click here to download the full report.   Countrywide is the United Kingdom’s largest property group. It includes residential property surveying, a collaboration of estate agents, and corporate services. It employs circa 10,000 personnel nationwide, working across 850+ estate agency or lettings offices operating under 65+ local high street brands, supplemented by 650 mortgage consultants. Countrywide is listed on the London Stock Exchange. As we can see… Read More

Upcoming UK IPOs

Click here to download the full report. What is an IPO? All companies have to start somewhere, and often, it involves having the founders invest a chunk of their own money in the hopes of eventually growing the business. But as small, private companies start to gain traction, many come to find that they need outside financing to continue growing, and therefore decide to go public. And that’s where… Read More

Share in Focus: Royal Mail

This week, on the 22nd May, we will see Royal Mail announce their full year results 2018-19. Royal mail has for 1 year done not much else but decline from a high of 561p to a year low of 231p. We will now examine the company as a whole, the reasons we are where we are and what may be in the future, assessing the case for investment. Overview of… Read More

Share in Focus: AstraZeneca

Background of AstraZeneca AstraZeneca is a biopharmaceutical company. The Company focuses on discovery and development of products, which are then manufactured, marketed and sold. The Company focuses on three main therapy areas: Oncology, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease (CVMD) and Respiratory, while selectively pursuing therapies in Autoimmunity, Infection and Neuroscience. AstraZeneca: 10th May – Report AstraZeneca announced top-line results from the pooled cardiovascular safety analyses of the global phase 3… Read More

LSS Trading ideas

Click here to download the full report. This year, during Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting, CNBC caught up with legendary investor Warren Buffet. After a fairly rudimentary conversation, towards the end of the interview Buffet made a comment out of character, a cryptic statement: “We will look back at this period and be surprised we didn’t see what was coming next”.  Anyone familiar with Warren Buffet will know he… Read More

Share in Focus: IAG

Background OF IAG: International Consolidated Airlines is an airline company that holds the interests in airline and ancillary operations. Its segments include British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, Aer Lingus and Other Group companies. It combines the airlines in the United Kingdom, Spain and Ireland. It has approximately 550 aircrafts to over 280 destinations. The Company, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in providing airline marketing, airline operations, insurance, aircraft maintenance, storage and… Read More

The Big Short

Click here to download the full report   In early 2005 Volkswagen, the largest car company in Germany, was not doing particularly well and suffered a depressed share price and low earnings. Though the company had $123 billion dollars in annual sales, its annual profits were only around $2.2billion and its market capitalization only around $17billion. VW was widely  regarded by the financial community as not a… Read More

Rank Group – worth a gamble?

Click here to download the full report.   Overview The Rank Group is a gambling company based in the United Kingdom. Rank was involved in the cinema and motion picture industry until 2006, and continues to use the Gongman logo originally used by the Rank Organisation’s film distribution subsidiary General Film Distributors. Its brands now include Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casinos, the UK’s largest… Read More

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