Picking bottoms is a dirty habit

There are many rules to investing and trading but one of the simplest and most important ones is simply that you have to mitigate risk and maximise return. In fact, it’s the bedrock of making money and without it, you are totally lost. I also spent months analysing data from scores, no hundreds, of investor portfolios and what I found didn’t surprise me. They all showed the same pattern –… Read More

How to make money made simple

When it comes to making money, the formula is surprisingly quite simple. You need to look at cashflow. Yes, you can look at capital appreciation and try and make money on the asset base, or if you were feeling particularly frisky you might like the idea of ‘speculate to accumulate’, or you could just stick your money on the 3-legged horse ‘Pull Your Pants Down’ running out of starting gate… Read More

Bye Beaufort

When it comes to investing in shares there are two main types of risk – market risk and credit risk. The ‘market risk’ is the risk of the stock market and that can be mitigated through sensible investment strategies including using options, futures, inverse ETFs and so on. The market risk is therefore something that everybody knows about, and it is what investors are completely pre-occupied with when they think… Read More


I have been very fortunate in my career in as much that I have experienced many different types of investment products and markets whilst working for a number of different companies. From massive, international investment banks like Deutsche Bank and RBS to smaller specialist outfits like Hoodless Brennan, which later became Beaufort Securities, and later still became bankrupt (more about that later). And it’s because of this varied experience and… Read More


For those of you who know me, you will know that I am a huge advocate of people taking control of their lives through sensible investing. It’s one of those things that is sorely missed in our education system. Even with my own education with an ‘A’ in Economics A-level, a 2.1 degree in Economics and Accounting, a Masters in Business and Finance and various post-graduate professional qualifications to my… Read More


Over the weekend I was as shocked as everybody else to hear that Sainsburys and Asda were in advanced negotiations to merge and create a new retailing empire worth £10billion. OMG! The schoolground bully that has reigned supreme and unchallenged for so long, must be worrying this morning after hearing the weekend news. In fact, the only thing that will seem to save Tesco now will be the Competition Watchdog… Read More


After the shock announcement over the weekend of Sainsburys and Asda potentially merging to create a £10 billion behemoth retail giant that will surpass even the monster that is Tesco, I had a lot of questions about how this position should be traded i.e. how to make money from the deal. So today I’m going to share with you some simple strategies. Now remember, as I always say with my… Read More


Debt is one of those dirty words that people don’t seem to like to talk about, especially in my household when I was growing up. That’s because being part of that first generation of children that were born in this great country to migrants from Panjab (India) in search of a better life, I have had instilled in me from a very young age that debt equates to the devil. Read More


It’s difficult enough to make money in the stock market without being fed false information. I mean, before you buy a share you probably look at the company’s balance sheet, the profit and loss account, research the directors on board, break down the business model, analyse the chart, look at the dividend flow and cover, research the market place, look at your bank account to see if you have enough… Read More


I have never really regarded myself as being a particularly talented businessman or entrepreneur. To the contrary, I see myself as average at best. I don’t know whether that is because I am always very hard on myself or because I compare how my skill set as an entrepreneur compares against that of being an investor. If that’s the comparison then hands down, the investor wins. That’s because I have… Read More

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