Melrose Industries: Company and Shares Report

Melrose Industries buys good manufacturing businesses with strong fundamentals whose performance can be improved. Melrose finances its acquisitions using a low level of leverage, improves the businesses by a mixture of investment and changed management focus, sells them and returns the proceeds to shareholders. (Source: The Company’s businesses include Nortek and Brush Turbo generators. It operates through four seg-ments: Energy, which includes the Brush business that is engaged… Read More

The 3 biggest mistakes that stock market Investors will make in 2019

The first two months of this year have already proven to be more dramatic and inspiring than anything that we have seen in the past twelve. Last year, the stock market struggled for prolonged periods and particularly in the second half, where there was very little positivity to be taken from it. In fact, over the Christmas Period the UK leading equity index, the FTSE 100, plummeted to below 6,500… Read More

Five Rules of Investing in the Stock Market

The saying goes that there are many ways to skin a cat, and whilst we don’t advocate animal cruelty of any kind, this principle is a very valid one. It is also particularly applicable to stock market investing. In other words, there is no single right or wrong strategy that will consistently guarantee results – there are multiple strategies that can be equally effective. However, and like most things in… Read More

Move your head before you get punched

There’s nothing better than being punched in the face to awaken the senses. And it doesn’t matter how many martial arts books that you read or how many boxing matches that you watch on YouTube, the only way to really know what it feels like to be punched in the face, is, well…to be punched in the face. The reason I say this is because last Sunday morning whilst the… Read More

What’s better – Funds or Shares?

There has been a lot of talk recently about funds and their usefulness in a bear market. After all, when things are slowing down and the stock market is falling in value, the idea that a fund will somehow do better than an individual share is quite frankly a nonsensical argument. In most cases a fund is simply a type of Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) which means that it is a collection… Read More

The 2019 Crypto comeback

I was milling around in Harrods yesterday not because I had any intention to buy anything but because my better half loves that shop. Thankfully she loves to window shop more than actually buy anything which is just well for me. In fact, I hate shopping and I am as far removed from being a fan of shopping as one could probably be. I have often thought that whilst the… Read More

2019 could be a fantastic year for Investors…even if the stock market crashes

…and welcome back. Wow, doesn’t time to fly so quickly. We are already into the 2nd week of January of the new year and 2018 is all but a distant memory. So how was your Christmas and New Year? Good, I’m glad to hear that…now let’s continue with that wonderful warm, fuzzy feeling of joy and happiness and make 2019 fantastic too. This new tone of mine may seem a… Read More

Where’s Santa when you need him?

After months of bleating from yours truly about the impending stock market crash, it seems that the business newspapers and financial press have finally caught up with what the City has been predicting for some time. This comes as no surprise to me as the financial news is always at least 3 months behind the true economic picture and at least 6 months behind the true stock market picture. This… Read More

‘The Death Cross’ is out to kill your portfolio

If you didn’t believe the hype, you better start believing it now. The largest financial bomb since the 2008 crash which has been dangerously positioned beneath the global stock markets since the start of the year, has, as of last week, been officially detonated. I knew it was coming sooner or later but it turns out that it was sooner than even I had imagined.   However, what didn’t shock… Read More

Eliminating inefficiency is the quickest way to improve returns

Last week I received an email from one of my traders telling me that I should speak to at all of my clients that were holding the bakery company, Greggs. Apparently, the company had gone up in price by 7% that morning and was looking particularly strong. Now, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t become too excited, after all, companies in the stock market are always going up and down –… Read More

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