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About our company

London Stone Securities is an independent Stockbrokers firm based in the financial heart of the City of London.

We are registered with Companies House in England and Wales (registration number 6464964) and we are also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 479827.

As an independent firm we are able to offer you a bespoke, personal service tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are an experienced trader or a complete novice, our team of advisory stockbrokers will help you to achieve all of your investment objectives through timely and well researched trading ideas.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I have found London Stone Securities to be very approachable, they give me a lot of time and advise – all I can do is highly recommend them”
K. Noble

“I have no hesitation in saying that I’m very happy in how London Stone are dealing with my portfolio and the tip they gave after Brexit was brilliant!”
R. Mamek

“London Stone are the best brokers I have used. If I had found them years ago I am sure I would have retired by now”
P. Harris

“London Stone deserve 10/10, thank you very much”
J. Cowley

“London Stone are very flexible yet professional, reliable and honest stockbrokers.”
J. Ollerton

“Excellent customer service, I would thoroughly recommend them”
B. Hindaugh

“I am impressed with the service provided, I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
P. Janzen

“…thank you for the timely advice to make some profitable purchases”

D Gear, Birmingham

Our Products

Open a Pension

Open a Pension

Looking for a simple and effective way of saving for retirement? We have solutions for each one for your requirements. Read More

Buy Shares

Interested in buying shares and be provided with the best service available? Our team is here for you. Read More

Open An ISA

We don’t charge any annual fees for stock ISAs so, if you are paying any annual fees at present, these are charges that you probably don’t need to pay. Find out more by clicking the link below. Read More


Join our Webinars

Whether you’re an active trader or long term investor looking to improve your investing results, our webinars will give you the expert analysis and educational guidance you need to make smarter financial decisions.

Latest News

Weekly Report: Under-Valued Insurers

In this week’s report we will look at two FTSE 100 blue chip insurers – Prudential and Legal & General. On the one hand, they operate in a sector which is relatively immune to the economic cycle (people don’t typically cancel their life insurance just because there’s a recession). On the other hand, and despite their blue-chip credentials, Prudential cut its dividend following the bear market of 2003 and Legal… Read More

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